Faith Public Library Technology Three-Year Plan
Faith Library Technology Plan:
The Faith Public Library is committed to meeting the literary and technology needs of our community.

Members of the Planning Committee (2016):
Cathy Smith
Amy Ulrich
Calvin Chapman
Deanna Fischbach
Tammy Sletten
Vicky Waterland
Lynn Halligan
Sonja Gebhart
Verneen Frei
Katrina Collins
Library Supervisor - Angela Ostrander
Library Assistant - Kathy Schuchhardt

Description of Community:
Our library serves 1500 people in the Faith Community within a 60 miles radius. The Faith School has about 178 K-12 students. We have about 2% of the population with special needs. Some of our patrons have learning disabilities, hearing, sight and physical impairments. There are approximately 420 residents who live in Faith. The building was built in 1991 and is handicap accessible. The Faith Public/School Library is the only place for the public to use for a meeting room with technology available in a 100 mile-radius that is of no charge.

Technology Goals Met
- Librarian Laptop (Dec. 2009)
- Cricut (cutting and projects) (donated by Amer. Aux Spring 09)
- Printer for photos to Public Computer (December 2016)
- Circulation Desk Computer (Dec. 2009)
- All-in-One Computer (Public/School Access 2013)
- Automated Card Catalog – Destiny(2010)
- Computers (Grant from SDSL 2014)


Increase technology use and education to the public by 25 individuals.

Increase library circulation by 1%

Increase use of the library by patrons by 2%

Increase library cards issued by 15 a year
Process of Reaching Goals/Objectives (Action Plan):
q Technology Goals for next 3 years
- Continuation of EBook subscription and e-resources (2019)
library pic2014 002.jpg
- Update patron (8) computers (2016-19)
q Provide technology classes to public at no charge in evenings during the summer in coordination with Summer Reading programs for families during the month of June 2017 & June 2018
q Increase Public Relations about library services through brochures, Faith Area News, Faith Independent newspaper, School Website, and Library Website of new books, technology, and other happenings with the library.
q As more patrons come and use the library, other people will want to gain a library card for long-term check out
q Provide other opportunities for people to come and use the library through Book Fairs, Technology classes, Summer Reading Program, Preschool Story Hour, Book Discussion and Books Are Fun displays

Planning Methodology (Assessment of Goals on an annual basis):
Ø Tally patron use of technology
Ø Circulation Records
Ø Number of Library Cards Issued
Ø Annual Reports submitted to State Library

Approval of Library Board:
Signatures of Board Members (Planning Committee)

Signatures of Librarians
Written January 2010/updated November 2016