Faith Public Library Board Monthly Meeting

Minutes (approved):

Faith Public Library Board Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2018

The Faith Public Library Board Meeting was called to order at 6:03 pm by Chairperson Smith. Trustees present: Cathy Smith, Amy Ulrich, Lynn Halligan, Glen Haines, Tammy Sletten, Deanna Fischbach and Verneen Frei. Advisory Board Members present: Katrina Collins and Shara Haines. Absent: Sonja Gebhart. Library Staff present: Angela Ostrander, Faith Public/School Library Supervisor and Kathy Schuchhardt, Library Assistant.

Fischbach made a motion to approve the agenda. Halligan seconded. All ayes. Motion carried.

Sletten made a motion to approve the minutes for February 28, 2018. Fischbach seconded. All ayes. No changes. Motion carried.

No visitors.

Ostrander gave the Library Report: the Family Event for the 2018 BOGO Book Fair “Paws for Reading” was a success with 48 youth and 25 adults attending; Summer Reading activities are being planned; erate application is almost complete; the library received SDHC Book Discussion Grant set for June 26 from 6-8 pm.

Ostrander shared the Story Hour Report: currently working on letters, Orations were Wednesday as she judged so St. Patrick’s Celebration is postponed for the next Wednesday.

Ostrander shared the Financial Report: City - $16,610.37 ($20,000), Credit Union: Checking: $3,033.29 ($9,000), Savings: $877.04 (as of statement 2/28/18). Meade County will send first installment check in April. There were no bills. The Utilities Spreadsheet and Meade County Purchases table were shared.

Unfinished Business: Adjustment to Wages Approval – Due to a conflict of interest a motion of wages approval needs to be made as follows: “Fischbach left the table. Ulrich made a motion to give 3% increase of salaries (Ostrander - $.35/hr. and Schuchhardt - $.28/hr. Halligan seconded. Smith – aye, Ulrich – aye, Halligan – aye, Haines – aye, Sletten – aye, Fischbach – abstained, and Frei – aye. Motion passed. Motion carried.

Interior Lights – Ulrich made a motion to purchase 144 bulbs at $3.00 each, space out bulbs in library, and give away bulbs that work. Put on Faith area news. Fischbach seconded. All ayes. Motion carried.

Morgan/Naslund Project Ideas – Letter Approval for program scholarships – the board made edits to letter and gave Ostrander permission to send letter.

There were no other old business.

New Business: Summer Reading Brochure – Ostrander shared a working brochure and board members edited.

Other: Board members requested to take a look at Summer Hours attendance in the evenings for the purposes of the budget.

Sletten made a motion to adjourn. Ulrich seconded. All ayes. Meeting adjourned at 6:25 pm. Next meeting will be on April 16, 2018 at 6 pm.​