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Student Created Puppet Skits with Elements of the Story

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(Students created Puppets)

Title: The Cookies Save the Day By the Faith Elementary Kindergarten Class – 2017-18

Once upon a time there was a bakery in the City. The baker was making gingerbread cookies. The baker checked the cookies in the oven. As the oven door was opened, out jumped a Gingerbread Monster, Supergirl, Cat and Monster Truck. These cookies ran out the door as fast as they could. They went their separate ways. Let's see where they went.
The Gingerbread Monster went to the country to save a person from a Volcano Lava Monster. The Gingerbread Supergirl was arresting a thief that was stealing a valuable necklace and earring set from a jewelry store. The Gingerbread Cat was at the City Park picking flowers for the Christmas Party.
The Gingerbread Monster Truck went too fast and the police caught him. The police told him the rules. He tried to escape then he asked the Police to please let him go and he will follow the rules on his way to work the next day. He promised he would drive slow to work.
Finally, all the gingerbread characters went to a Christmas Party where they met the Wolf who had tricked them before. So, they sent the Wolf to the Bakery. The baker turned the Wolf into a snicker doodle cookie and the gingerbread characters ate him.
The End.