Dewey System Chant (created by the Faith 1st graders 2010)

The 000’s are about Questions (draw a question mark in the air)

The 100’s are about Me (point to yourself)

The 200’s are about The World (make the world with arms)

The 300’s are about people talking (Social World) (talking with hands)

The 400’s are about Language (make a book with your hands and open them and say “language”)

The 500’s are about Animals (bears climbing trees, act it out)

The 600’s are about Working Books (pretend to type on a computer)

The 700’s are about Sports and Hobbies (hit a ball – let them imagine and act)

The 800’s are about Plays and poetry (do a bow and say - "Thank you")

The 900’s are about History (stand tall and say “I am George Washington”)