Resources Available at the State Library website:

Click on the Online Resources (title) at the top of the page. Located here are many databases used for a variety of research purposes. You can find information of family history, periodicals, encyclopedias, other respected websites and much more. These websites are chosen by the State Library and meet the South Dakota School Standards.

These resources can only be accessed on school campus, local library or with a State Library card.

Library of Congress:

The January 2017 issue of the South Dakota e-Labor Bulletin is now available on the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR), Labor Market Information Center's website at After opening this website, simply click on the e-Labor Bulletin icon (a gold "e") in the title bar running across the top of the page.


Other Resource finds:

Below are links produced originally by the American Library Association for public library advocacy. (part 1) (11:58 minutes) (Part 2) (5:46 minutes)