Faith Public/School Library Selection Policy

All materials/resources are based on selection criteria by library supervisor and Faith Public Library Board:

1. Need

2. Use - long term, age appropriate

3. Current - newest info

4. Reliability

5. Price - affordability, maintenance

Circulation - use of online card catalog, how materials are circulated with checkouts. Materials are inventoried on an annual basis.

Collection development - circulation with materials inventoried on an annual basis. If material is weeded, is based on use, current, condition.


Collection Maintenance-to maintain a useful and attractive collection, materials may be repaired or rebound, removed from the Library when they become badly worn, damaged, out-of-date, over duplicated or unused.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Materials must be considered in the terms of their own merit and intended audience.

  • A variety of tools are considered prior to selection:

  • Standard review sources

  • Bibliographies

  • Publisher's catalogs

  • Direct examination

  • Patron Requests

In selecting of materials and electronic resources - the library supervisor is guided by the Faith Library Board trustees, Faith School District, South Dakota State Library, American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights and the principles outlined in the Freedom to Read and Freedom to View statements of the American Library Association.

All selections will meet many of the following criteria for selection:

- needs and interest of the library's users

- value of the material for information, recreation or education

- contemporary significance or permanent value

- accuracy

- authority of author

- relation of work to existing collection and balance of viewpoints expressed in the collection

- price, format and ease of use

- availability of material elsewhere (can be ILL inter-library loaned)

- popular demand

- artistic excellence

- recommended/request by school staff to use for educational purposes on a long term basis

- vitality and originality of thought

- deemed necessary by library supervisor and/or library board

Patron Recommendations:

Requests for specific titles or subjects are held to the same principles which govern other purchased materials. Every attempt will be made to accommodate patron wishes. Final responsibility lies with library supervisor. Interlibrary loaning can be used.

The Library Supervisor attempts to meet the needs of the total community, recognizing that some materials may be viewed as controversial by individual citizens. Patrons can fill out a Reconsideration of Materials form (see library staff onsite). It is the responsibility of the individual library user to select those materials which suit patron needs. Supervising the use of library materials for a minor is the responsibility of the parent or guardian/teacher (during school time), not the library staff. Minors can check out age appropriate materials (see Library Use Policies and Guidelines).

Handling of gifts - All gifts are welcome. Library supervisor will see if it fits into collection. If a copy is already maintained, item will be on "Give away" in west entrance.

Electronic resources/Ebooks are provided through SD Titles to Go and the South Dakota State Library Databases found on the site and for use to all patrons. Other electronic resource purchases will be based on selection criteria.

Library Board approved policy February 2017