Faith Library Policies and Guidelines

Library Use Policies:
*Policies and guidelines are also in resources found in the Faith Library Bylaws.
*These rules/policies have been reviewed/approved/updated by the Faith Library Board - November 2016
The library is a privilege to have and use. We all must follow the guidelines and rules.

***Patron Numbers are only to be shared with patron or patron’s parent/guardian (under 18).

Children under age 18 or have not graduated high school as of current date:

  1. Can only check out 2 items at a time. (unless receive special permission i.e. need extra books for an assignment), or parental approval (parent is with them at the time of check out).
  2. 6th grade and up can check out of the orange section. Parent permission is needed for anyone younger or documented with permission by parent is updated and on hand.
  3. Students who attend Faith School district can check out movies after school is dismissed.
  4. No use of the wireless or adult computers, unless supervised by parent/guardian (in person).
  5. Students can use school computers by following school/library rules.
  6. Devices such as Nooks, iPods Ipads cannot be logged onto wireless unless prior approval by parent/guardian. This includes documentation – written note by parent, email, or phone call (message written down, who gave the permission and dated and placed in permission file). User must follow technology guidelines – as stated on Technology Use policy – school/public.

  1. Can use the computers but must follow user policies. Those who do not abide by guidelines and library rules will be banned from using library computers at library staff’s discretion.
  2. All patrons of the library will follow library rules. Disorderly conduct is prohibited and patron will be banned from library at library staff's discretion.
  3. An individual can submit a Book Complaint regarding a material found on the library shelf by filling out a Material Reconsideration Complaint. This complaint will be reviewed by the Library Supervisor and can be taken to the Library Board, if needed. The Complaint form will be filled out by patron and placed on file in the library. Complaint form may be copied one time and copied form given to patron (original stays).
  4. Laptops and devices that are brought to the library are not the library’s responsibility. User is to follow all library rules.
  5. Public Patrons are asked to take personal phone calls outside of the library as a courtesy. Students may use their phones during school time only for educational purposes with teacher approval as stated in Faith School District Handbooks.
  6. Use of library’s equipment and services may cost patrons a minimal amount. All printing requires the permission of library staff prior to printing.
  7. Please abide by all copyright rules as stated in Title 17 of the United States Code.
  8. Fines for late items are assessed and patrons are to pay late fines for continued use of the library. Library staff may contact the individual for overdue materials.
  9. Materials that are damaged are the responsibility of the patron who checked the material out. Replacement cost or donated item of equal value is accepted.

Adults over 18 and no longer a high school student (in addition to policies above):
  1. Can use the library for meetings and check out the meeting room key by reading and signing the meeting policy (all rules will apply).
  2. Can check out library equipment by signing Check out form. Equipment that comes back damaged is the responsibility of the individual who checked it out, and said individual will replace damaged equipment.

Donations or gifts received by library:
  1. All donations and gifts are welcome.
  2. Best use consideration given by Library Staff. If an item is already on the shelf or Library Supervisor sees fit, the item will be on the Give Away table.